"Diaper Bag Bacteria": What Parents Need To Know

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(Newswire.net – July 25th, 2013) Winston Salem, NC — There is now a safe, easy solution to controlling diaper bag bacteria for new parents using a patent-pending technology.

No one likes a dirty diaper, but it doesn’t have to be a drag lugging one around. For those times when you can’t throw it away or are using cloth diapers and have to keep your dirty diapers in the same bag as other baby gear, you could be spreading bacteria to toys, bottles, or whatever else you’re bringing along, even if its in a plastic bag.

“A dirty diaper probably has more germs in it than anything else in the nursery,” says Dr. Tanner of Examiner.com. Same thing for soiled clothes caused by diaper leaks or spit up.

A Silver Edge Gear bag is a perfect companion for a diaper bag. The patent pending technology of the silver lining in the Silver Edge Gear bag helps in two ways. First, bacteria within dirty diaper or soiled clothes are contained, so the rest of the diaper bag remains uncontaminated. The silver lining prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria so it won’t spread to your diaper bag. 

Second, since bacteria cause most of the odor in a dirty diaper, the bag will contain that as well.  Can’t say that for a plastic bag, which will allow bacteria to fester and has the potential to seep through the plastic! The car ride home won’t be stifling, and the main diaper bag won’t stink when you remove the Silver Edge Gear bag containing the dirty diaper or soiled clothes.

The great thing is that you don’t have to wash the Silver Edge Gear bag for odor control, as the silver lining is permanent and will continue to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. One less thing to wash amidst the sea of onesies! When you buy Silver Edge Gear you’re not just getting an easy solution — you’re getting a long-term solution.


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