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(—July 25, 2013)  Tampa, FL—Sarah Young, who is the founder and principal of Credit Shield, provides the much needed services for individuals who are harassed by the mailings, dunning notices, and bullying phone calls that are associated with creditor collection agencies.  Young developed her idea for this business coming out of the “roaring financial rise” of the 21st Century as real estate valuations skyrocketed and mortgage financings were abundant to any and all comers.  Living through this time, Young experienced the path of easy financing during a bull market, yet also all of the short cuts and inefficiencies that accompanied this time of “laissez faire” due diligence as long as equity valuations continued bailing out “bad credit” situations. 

The “one trick pony” mentality of the times certainly came tumbling down hard as 2008 brought other ideas associated with the economic and financial times.  Young positioned herself and their new concept of addressing the problems that were about to weigh heavily on the unassuming consumers that got caught in the cross fire of the bear market and sloppy lending practices.  Ironically, the industry spawned  a huge following of aggressive debt collectors and pseudo finance experts that engaged in predatory practices without appropriate and adequate documentation to support their claims. 

The collection credit companies prey on the weak and unadvised and need guidance and supervision in order to not make major mistakes that can affect their financial credit and history forever.  Credit Shield is not a legal practice however they support all of their work with legal statutes and documentation by doing the resource homework and buttress their arguments with the legal resources. 

Intimidation is an effective tool that collection companies employ to scare and harass the consumers, however, Credit Shield has fought fire with fire as they have turned the legal tables against those that have abused their rights and privileges and must now craft their own defenses from inappropriate abuses. 

Sloppy documentation can also be a loophole for protecting the consumer as the law provides for important details in filing authentic documents in a timely manner.  Mishaps caused by the wrongful steps of collection companies can be fatal for them, yet with most consumers unaware of such, much looseness can occur unless picked up by a Credit Shield professional. 

Contact Credit Shield and learn  about credit defense rights and steps to protect oneself from debt harassment and bankruptcy alternatives.  Contact Credit Shield at   (888) 223-3529

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