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(Newswire.net — July 26, 2013) Stockholm, Sweden (EU) — Hydro Infra Technologies STC AB (H.I.T.) today announced their new environmental green-tech discovery to save climate through neutralizing pollution emissions, with enormous potential for fighting greenhouse gases and global warming.

Hydro Nano Gas or HNG, has been created by Hydro Infra Technologies in Stockholm, Sweden.  Developed as an answer to greenhouse gases and fossil fuels emissions, this comes on the heels of many years of research and development by the company to create a safe, cost effective way to neutralize pollution emissions. HIT is now bringing the new technology to market and has already signed joint venture agreements to begin converting ships. Complete release by December 2013.

HNG effectiveness in neutralizing pollution emissions has been verified by independent testing by government licensed inspectors in Sweden.

“Given the massive amount of fossil fuel pollution emissions by power plants, shipping and other industry sectors, HNG provides a real solution,” said Daniel Behr from HIT Media & Press Desk, “and is already being hailed as one of the most effective and exciting green technologies the world has yet seen.”

HIT is working closely with other companies to deploy the technology across several different industries. The first industry targeted is power plants and international shipping that use coal and oil for power. Inserting HNG into exhaust outlets has shown to completely neutralize pollution emissions down to 0%.

Recent pollution emission legislation for ships using EU & Baltic waters is already opening up joint ventures with HIT as shipping companies look for viable solutions to keeping their ships on the seas.

HIT is also in high level talks with governments and industry leaders who are excited about using the technology to help combat their increasing air & ocean pollution issues.

For power plants and industry in the U.S. and globally, this is major news.  Alone in the U.S. there are over 1,200 power plants scheduled for closure because of their toxic pollution issues.  HNG could eliminate the necessity of closing these plants – saving thousands of jobs that keep local communities thriving.

“We are already in talks about bringing the HNG solution into US power plants” said Behr.

HIT is also expecting to rapidly expand their interests into other parts of the world as the technology continues to prove itself to be a cost effective, safe and more viable solution.

Expect HIT to revolutionize the industrial process within the next few years.

Hydro Infra Technologies STC AB is based in Stockholm, Sweden.
HIT is a Green-Tech innovation company.
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