Skiing Site Celebrates its First Decade Online

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( — July 27, 2013) Mount Baker, WA — The website is celebrating its 10th anniversary of being online today.

Ski Shopping Guide is a website dedicated to ski equipment, including skis, poles, jackets, boots, eyewear and bindings. It strives to be a simple and fast way for skiers to understand how they need to equip themselves before they go to the ski slope.

The website lists and selects the best places to shop for everything needed to snow ski.

The website’s manger, Robert Olsen, says the site is the quickest and most efficient way for skiers to get everything they need without having to leave the house.

“The ski shops we discuss can provide all a skier wants and needs and more. Any skier, from the beginner to the advanced, can browse through our lists of skis and snow sports accessories like wax, tools, carriers and bags. You will be hard pressed to find a better source for this type of gear,” Olsen said.

The website gives brief listings on everything a skier will need and offers the sources to the sites that shoppers can buy the gear at. also gives information on weather reports, snow conditions, ski resorts and links to ski clubs and other organizations. The site also has some tips on buying used equipment.

Although their website provides information and links to various places to buy ski equipment, it does not actually sell any gear itself, it is strictly an information resource.

“While we can’t provide the hands-on advice that your local ski shop can, visitors to our site can find a lot of information, tips and links. Skiers can learn a lot so that they can get out on the mountain fully prepared,” Olsen concluded.

About Ski Shopping Guide offers information about skis, ski accessories, ski clubs and organizations that may be of interest to beginning or experienced skiers.  For more details, go to

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