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(Newswire.net — July 26th, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — Cash Gold Exchange, the leading buyer of precious metals in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, has issued a statement regarding the recent proposed new regulations by the Long Beach City Council.

The statement included an emphatic declaration of support for the new regulations, a revelation that Cash Gold Exchange has already adopted policies that track closely with the new proposed regulations and a commitment to work with local law enforcement to protect the community from illegal and unethical activity.

The proposed regulations from the Long Beach City Council will tighten oversight of cash for gold dealers throughout the area. The regulations come in response to numerous thefts of gold jewelry that is immediately taken to a dealer for cash. Once enacted, the new ordinance would require cash for gold dealers to act much the way pawn shop owners do. These precious metal dealers would have to check a seller’s ID, keep records of all transactions and hold items for 30 days in order to give local authorities a chance to recover any gold or jewelry sold after it has been stolen.

Andy, one of the certified jewelers at Cash Gold Exchange, commented “because we are a Los Angeles based gold buyer we already follow stricter laws, such as keeping items we purchase for 30 just in case we are contacted to help law enforcement.  What we are seeing is more and more areas of the country enforcing stricter regulations, more in line with Los Angeles. We welcome any new regulations that better protect local communities from the very small criminal element that would steal and then use cash for gold businesses to sell those items.”

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