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( — July 25, 2013) Washington, DC — Transcended Marketing (TM) announces they have the best SEO experts in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of ranking your websites to show up on Google, and Transcended Marketing only uses white hat SEO tactics for their clients.

Traditional marketing companies that started in the pre-digital, early Internet start-up days have been scrambling in the last many years to integrate Search Engine Optimization into their platform, such a powerful search engines as Google. These legacy companies bring in new and evolving standards and procedures, yet, find themselves completely overwhelmed by the nuances. Ryan “RyMac” McKinney, Co-Founder & CEO of Transcended Marketing, caught up with us earlier this week to discuss how the TM team are the best SEO experts in Washington DC. “Search Engine Optimization is still a hidden industry to most Americans, as most companies do not utilize the harmony of organic marketing.”  RyMac also commented on how the creation of the Einstein Marketing Platform (EMP) has helped Transcended Marketing grow into one of the industry leading experts when it comes to SEO. “The creation of the EMP has allowed TM to help companies rank extremely effectively for their local markets, all with white hat SEO tactics.

Co-Founder & President of Transcended Marketing, Josh Boles, also mentioned, “When you want your business to grow organically, it is going to take some time.  It does not happen overnight, but once you start to see the results, that’s when it hits you. The opportunities open up and companies come back at record pace to add more keywords to their ever-growing digital marketing campaign.” Keywords are what people search for on Google, and if they are “stimulated” correctly they can move up to the top of Google and easier to be found by a company’s potential clients. Research shows that 80% of people searching on Google do not go past the first page.  With that being noted, Transcended Marketing declares they will not start the monthly O&M payment past the Set-Up, until at least one of the words is ranked on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for the specific keywords chosen (for most clients).

Transcended Marketing is also breaking industry standards by offering exclusivity to their clients. They will not work with any of their clients competitors, within their geographic location or competitive vertical. Businesses can have the option of reserving keywords on a national basis, for which, they would need to set up a Live Google Hangout meeting with TM’s Cheif of Staff, Usman “Gregory” Ahmad at 202-559-9096, or

Transcended Marketing takes pride in their clients, where the clients digital marketing endeavors are met with some of the best, most technologically up-to-date practices available in the new media marketplace. Transcended Marketing studies Google’s algorithm updates from the second they hit the Internet, giving them a clear advantage above their competition. According to RyMac, “Companies are only as smart as the employees they hire – why not have the best team of Internet marketing professionals that does not sit stagnant on your payroll, and with our list of services expanding, companies have a lot more options to choose from, including financing, management consulting, joint venture relationships, and merchant cash advances.” 

SEO Experts Washington DC – Transcended Marketing is the source of our clients superlative position on the Internet. Businesses that are looking for proper branding and have the marketing capital to spend, [and] are ready for aggressive growth, and has always wanted a group of nerds in their back pocket should message Gregory today.

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