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( — July 29, 2013) Lynden, WA — A Ghillie suit is a type of camouflage that uses Jute string or burlap to aid a person in breaking up their outline and blend with their local surroundings. The Jute may be tied to netting and formed into clothing or sewn directly to a set of Jacket and Pants.

These approaches work well and will continue to be used in building Ghillies. The downside is that Airsoft and Paintball players will often snag up on branches and brush during games leaving behind some of the Ghillie strands.

This just means that their suit will require some maintenance once in a while to add more Ghillie Jute string.

The Bulls Eye aims to be one of the best Ghillie Suits by eliminating this inconvenience with a unique way of attaching the Jute string to the suit.

The Jute string is first woven tightly together at the top and then sewn onto the suit. This design insures that the strands will not pull out on you! This makes the Bulls Eye Ghillie more resilient when stalking through dense brush or laying down in a sniper position.

The Bulls Eye comes as a 4 piece suit with a Head cover, Jacket, Pants and a rifle wrap.

For can visit Miles Tactical for more information on the Bulls Eye Ghillie Suit.


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