Target and Walmart Pick Up Eye Majic Cosmetics For Online Sales

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(Newswire.Net — August 6, 2013) HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA — Majic Beauty is proud to announce that Eye Majic products are now available on both and Sale by these major retailers is a testament to the innovation and quality that Eye Majic incorporates into each and every one of it’s products. Eye Majic products have only been available to consumers in US through their eCommerce site, making this new retail relationship an exciting opportunity for Majic Beauty products to easily reach the masses. Majic Beauty CEO, John Allan says, “We expect our EyeMajic products to be extremely successful in the Health and Beauty segments of each site and anticipate traditional brick and mortar distribution to follow.”

Positive feedback from initial customers accelerated the company’s product launch date from what was originally planned to coincide with the summer swimsuit season, conceived to leverage Australia’s global reputation for fun in the sun and naturally beautiful women. Marketing experts learned that American women loved the 30-second professional glamour look and delighted in effectively becoming their own “eye stylists” without paying for a makeup artist or taking the time to visit one. They wanted the revolutionary product as soon as they could get their hands on it, bypassing the expense and clutter of brushes or eye shadow pots while enjoying the convenience of transitioning effortlessly from office to bistro.

It is these traits of innovation,  creativity,  and dedication to their customers which have allowed Eye Majic to enjoy such a meteoric rise in such a short period of time.  Retailers across every segment continue to show interest in Majic Beauty products that are currently available through shopping heavy weights and Being partnered with and not only expands Eye Majic’s potential client base,  it also adds to their credibility and momentum which are two things any growing company needs to expand and continue their rise to success.

With the creation of it’s revolutionary product, Eye Majic is the world’s first complete eye shadow application allowing users to apply eye shadow without the burdened fuss of brushes and pots. It can be used anywhere at any time, without the need of a mirror. As it only takes less than 10 seconds to apply, users can keep up with the latest colors, fashions, trends and designs.  Now this amazing product is just a click away,  buy it today at and  


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