Italian Restaurant in Bradenton Sows Authentic Roots

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(—July 30, 2013) Bradenton, Fl— Johnny Colandrea of Gianni’s NY Pizza speaks about his historical roots that take him back to Italy, where as a child, his parents brought him back to their home country.  It was here that Colandrea developed a passion and affinity for the Italian food and particularly dough.  He used to play with the dough and had a fascination for this substance which he would taste, eat, and massage as a child.  

This is indeed the genesis of a love affair that has developed into a business for Colandrea in Bradenton and St. Petersburg..  Spending time with Colandrea, it is soon discovered that whatever his pursuits, there has always been a depth and commitment to his passions.  

Regionalization of Italian food is also very important to understand as in any cultural food.  Authenticity is probably the trademark for Italians in their cooking.  Proper combinations and sequences of flavors is as important as what goes into the food itself.  For instance, there are certain protocols that are followed such as pasta and soup.  They are rarely served together since in a meal, it is one or the other.  Other conventions such as the type of tomatoes served.  Plum tomatoes are for the pasta sauce while the “globe” tomatoes are used for salads.  

1492 was a landmark year that changed Italian  foods forever since that was the advent of fruits and vegetables that were brought back from the New World.  Beans, fruits, vegetables, corn, tomatoes, and potatoes and peppers developed over four centuries where cooking and harvesting became the cornerstone of Italian cuisine.

New spices and herbs are constantly evolving as well such as cilantro, yams, and limes which were non existent not too long ago. The addition to Italian food with “non traditional” sauces and ingredients is not all that bad.  The Chinese cuisine for example have incorporated some household items that some afficionados might have cringed at years back.   

To learn more about more authentic Italian restaurant cooking  in Bradenton or St. Petersburg, Fl contact, visit, or call  Gianni’s NY Pizza in Bradenton at  4925 East State Road 64  Bradenton – FL – 34208  (941) 896-9700 or St Petersburg, FL  936 58th Street North  St. Petersburg, FL 33710 and experience for yourself.

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