For Temporary Housing, Tucson Has A New Online Resource

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( — July 30, 2013) Tucson, Arizona – Tucson is a well known vacation destination for many months of the year, as evidenced by the numerous and beautiful resorts surrounding the city catering to conferences and events as well as vacationers.  But for Tucson residents, the need for temporary housing can arise at any time of the year, and it’s not always just for fun.

While some temporary housing needs are planned, such as the remodeling or building of a home, others happen quite suddenly and unexpectedly.  When a home is damaged by fire or some other unexpected tragedy that makes it uninhabitable for an extended period of time, what are the residents supposed to do?  Risking wearing out your welcome with friends or family is a path many would rather not travel down.

Fortunately for the people of Tucson, a locally owned and operated business is now making it easy for people to find an alternative – a fully furnished short term rental in Tucson in which they can feel truly at home while they wait for their ‘real home’ to be put back together.

SunTree Corporate Housing recently updated their online property portal which can be viewed by anyone needing furnished housing in Tucson.  With properties all around the city and a passion for helping people feel at home as quickly and effortlessly as possible, owner and broker Jason Mayer says business is good.

“People might think that summer in Tucson is a time when a business like ours goes to sleep” says Mayer.  “But the truth is, July has been extremely busy for us. We’ve had a flood of both renters and property owners calling us lately.  We are very happy to be able to help them all.”

Mayer explains that other common clients for these properties are professionals who are in transition.  For example, US Border Patrol agents being stationed here for 6 to 12 months often need a non-permanent home for their families, and incoming University of Arizona professors and doctors like to have a place to call home while they find that perfect house to buy.  

Whatever the reason, Mayer says they aim to make finding that perfect property for Tucson temporary housing as easy as possible. To achieve that, they recently updated their public online property listing tool, which can be found at


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