Realtors Trade Houses, Helping Home Owners Exchange Their Real Estate without the Wait of Non-Buyers

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( — July 31st, 2013) Los Angelos, CA — Taylor Selby at created an innovative seller-to-seller online service that helps facilitate Realtors to Trade, exchange or swap real estate transactions between two home owners.


 As the competition stiffens, homeowners and agents or brokers try to be as creative as necessary to sell an existing property and buy another. Too often, however, offers are contingent on the buying party selling their property first.


 The real estate market is said to be bouncing back from the economic slump. As industry trends lean toward renewed property buyer interest with increasing home sales, real estate professionals are recognizing the importance of offering clients various options to sell their current property and purchase a new one. Many who ask, “Do realtors trade houses” are beginning to understand that people who sell property are also looking to buy. offers a viable alternative in helping remove this barrier and free up the real estate market to flow once again. It is anchored on the fact that most people put a property and realtors trade homes on the market because they want to purchase another property.


“We like to think of it as house dating. For example, homeowner looking to sell might like your house and if you like theirs then there is possible a match,” said Taylor Selby of “If so, the agents assist both buyers in buying each others’ home. It’s easy and free to register,” he said.


An innovative “seller-to-seller” tool, helps facilitate a seller-to-seller transaction, as defined by two parties agreeing to purchase each other’s properties which come in different values and have different amounts of equity. offers free registration for each realtor to trade homes, as well as real estate professionals, agents and brokers who wish to enlist their properties on the website and . The facilitation works by officially introducing two agents who show enough interest in each other.


At, clients are guaranteed a successful transaction, with no fees required until a trade happens. Moreover, there are no additional fees as compared to a traditional transaction for the Homeowner, and the Selling Agent gets an extra 1% standard and negotiable rate. also recommends properties that might be a match for your listing properties. Potential matches are also offered for free. The website is backed by industry professionals who are specifically trained in orchestrating a simultaneous transaction, working intimately with the agents, financial institutions and title companies.


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