Neuracel Offers a Lot More than Generic Neuropathy Drugs to Treat Neuropathy

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(—1st August, 2013) Boise, Idaho — The pharmaceutical industry sees countless new products every year. But this year, the introduction of a specific drug left the industry in awe as it became the pioneer in effective neuropathy treatment. The drug, Neuracel, works like other drugs in a way that it gets rid of all the symptoms that ail neuropathy patients. But instead of just stopping at that, it also goes further by repairing the damage that is done to the nerves. Such repair ensures that the disorder would be cured from the roots and will not show up again later on. To those who have allergies or certain issues with drugs, Neuracel is completely harmless because of its natural ingredients such as herbs.

Reversing Nerve Damage by Neuracel

Common symptoms that patients experience due to diabetic peripheral neuropathy include tingling sensations in the feet and legs, burning, and numbness that could be the cause of paralysis or any kind of pain that increases in intensity if not treated. Since a lot of patients still remain skeptical about any drug that is released with such amazing results, Neuracel has made a trial package available which supplies 2 week’s dosage to patients who wish to check it out. Other bottles are also available with different amounts of tablets in them.

About Neuracel

The website of Neuracel,, was designed for keeping two very important things in mind. The first one is the availability of information about the drug, and the second one is the availability of authentic consumer testimonials. These testimonials can be viewed in a video format that shows consumers stating their experience using the drug. Other information such as the toll-free number and details about different packages can also be found on the main page of the website. For viewing the online form for the trial package, please go to