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( — Aug 2, 2013) Seattle, WA — A new website that is intended for individuals who are interested in training for a career in the criminal justice or law enforcement fields is now open to the public.

Online Criminal Justice Schools is a new website dedicated to educating students who are interested in criminal procedures and legal terminology. The website provides information about online classes for students who want to become police officers, probation officers, private security workers, federal law enforcement agency officers, paralegals or other related career positions.

The website’s head editor, Victoria Burns, said that in order to work in the criminal justice field, almost every student must at least obtain an associate’s degree. These degrees can be earned at either a traditional campus college or through an online criminal justice training program.

“These dedicated schools waste no time in educating students with the specific training they need to go out in the field and perform at a high level,” Burns said. “I’ve seen many students go on to have a full-time career as police officers, paralegals or other law enforcement or legal position.”

Burns went on to comment that the benefit of online training is that it allows students to sign up for any classes no matter what their personal schedule is like. Online classes can fit into anyone’s busy schedule and students can work at their own pace.

“Online classes really work best for students who work fulltime or have prior obligations that make it hard to attend regular classes. Students can sign up for online classes anytime of the year so there is no waiting around for registration day,” Burns continued. “Not all classes in criminal justice can be attended via online training, but many are perfect for online learning. These types of classes can be so convenient for students because they can work at home instead of commuting to school.”

The site allows students to browse through hundreds of public and private universities and schools that offer criminal justice programs. Site visitors can search through associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

“There really is no need to delay or put off going to college,” Burns concluded. “There are plenty of affordable choices out there if people are just willing to look for them, apply to them and then do the work”

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