Donkey Kong Country Returns: Best Wii Game Review 2013

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( — August 2nd, 2013) Brisbane, Qld — Donkey Kong Country returns still has the early generation complexity levels, but not to the degree that it drives you insane trying to figure it out. During the levels you will accrue numerous lives only to have them taken away on one of the nerve racking mine cart levels.

But don’t get the wrong idea; this is the exceptable type of stress, the fun type. This can be both exhausting but joyous all at the same time. Donkey Kong has a huge challenge ahead of him when his island is invaded by the tribe of Tiki instruments, stealing his bananas. This weird little group of Tiki Dudes have brain washed the other animals into helping steal his bananas. This level by level side scrolling adventure sees Kong jump and swing his way through the jungle taking back and collecting his bananas. Kong delivers a brutal blow to anyone in his way while trying to defend what is his. There are alternate ways to get where he wants to go but you have to purchase a key from cranky Kong’s shop.

There is always a variety of challenges and some standout stages. The battles feel challenging without feeling to gimmicky and you get a feeling of accomplishment each time you get through. The fun part is uncovering the numerous secrets that are hidden in every part of the game, from the very obvious to the downright shrewd and crafty.

Find your hidden banana coins, puzzle pieces and letters that spell out KONG. The thrill of the hunt can encourage you to discover bonus features that are well hidden. The hopping, jumping, dodging, barrel blasting that was part of the series years ago is mostly still there, but you are now forced to use the motion sensitive Wii remote holding it sideways to shake the ground, blow hot air, or roll forward.

Although linking the rolling move to a motion gesture does sacrifice some amount of precision. There is still a lot of variety in the original such as the vine swinging and clinging to surfaces, giving you a lot of vertical mobility.

There is an overabundance of the dangerous mine cart tracks included lethal rhino riding bits along the way. The variety is fantastic and once you work your way through the first few worlds the difficulty level swings upwards.

No matter how hard the game seems to be getting, it always gives you the chance to survive. Get some help from Diddy Kong; although you can no longer control your sidekick, he acts like a power pack in single player. Get Diddy on your back and he will act like a jetpack so you can jump further.

Donkey Kong Country Returns by reusing parts of the old game and remixing them with new elements. The sound track does sound very similar to the ones that came before. There is amazing background detail incorporated in the game making it a visual feast for the player.

After a long gap in the series, Donkey Kong made a huge comeback in 2010 with a clever and challenging platform that consistently hits the sweet spot incorporating fun and frustration. So with Donkey kong Country Returns & Donkey kong Country Returns 3D there is always a safe & enjoyable game for the children.

Overall Donkey Kong Country Returns rates a very high 9 out of 10. For more information on Donkey Kong Country returns Click Here.

Author: Bill O’Donnell