Can Meditation Make You Look Younger Than Facial Plastic Surgery?

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ( — August 2nd, 2013) Meditation is begun by many every year, usually to reduce stress. While thousands get facial plastic surgery to look younger and combat ageing. Introspection also reduces ageing effects though, and is much cheaper and healthier.

A recent study published in The Journal Of The American Medical Association stated facial plastic surgery removes about three years in terms of appearance. Which seems relatively little when put in context. Firstly it is a one off, the same factors that created the ageing effects are still present after surgery. Secondly plastic surgery costs thousands of dollars, and can be incredibly painful too. Plus it is risky, most have seen photos in the news of various procedures gone wrong. So why do people do it? Mostly because it is seen as the easy option. There are better options.

Introspection is increasingly attributed as having great effects, not only on the mind but also on the body. Whilst many take up meditating due to stress in their lives, they end up gaining benefits beyond those initially considered. Meditating has an amazing effect on stress, as noted by the NIH and NHS in various studies. As levels of calm increase, levels of cortisol drop. Cortisol is the main chemical produced by the body due to stress, and it has a negative effect in the long term. Causing issues such as obesity, impaired cognitive function and reduced ability to synthesise protein, which affects skin and muscle tissue regeneration. Stress also leads to tension. A common response of many to stress is to tense up around the shoulders, neck, and face.

While meditating tension disappears. Muscles relax allowing the body return to its natural state of ease. Why is this important? Because muscular tension leads to the wrinkles that show ageing. Spending just a few minutes meditating each day helps eliminate muscular tension that leads to signs of ageing. Learning to meditate can be easy too, with many using quality guided meditations to learn and achieve good results quickly.

Look at many meditation or yoga practitioners, many agree they look younger than they are. In many cases, if they have been practising for a few years, they can appear about ten years younger. Which tops facial plastic surgery in terms of results. Granted it is no “quick fix” but it can make people look younger than plastic surgery can, it is healthier and cheaper too.

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