Arizona State University Phoenix Campus Dorm Overbooked Weeks Before Classes Start

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( – August 3, 2013) Tempe, AZ – Arizona State University’s Downtown Phoenix campus officials announced Friday, August 2, that they have whittled down the number of students without a room to stay from over 120 to less than 90. This developed as students start flocking to the campus to register just weeks before the opening of classes this fall.

In a note passed around on Friday afternoon, ASU officials assured students and parents who found themselves without a room at Taylor’s Place will be prepared a space in Sun Devil County. Meanwhile, they will be accommodated in the nearby Westin Hotel until then.

They may even be the lucky ones as students staying at the Westin will enjoy the hotel’s full service, observers say.

ASU Downtown Phoenix is anticipating over 900 in-coming freshmen, one of the highest turnouts in recent years. Over 72,000 students are expected to enrol this year in ASU’s four campuses, around 60,000 of which will be in ASU’s largest campus in Tempe.

Overbooking used to be a perennial problem even in Tempe, which has prompted the city government to step in and prepare a blueprint for development centred on providing support to the university’s growing population and business area. Many private developers took a cue from this initiative and started constructing new apartments.

University Pointe Apartments in Tempe, for example, constructed new units and refurbished older ones in preparation for the opening of classes and offers incentives if they sign up for a long-term lease now. Students who lease a studio-type, one-bedroom or two-bedroom unit from them will not only enjoy comfortable campus living but get a choice of either a bike, a TV or a gift card. Even a free tour of their facilities entitles visitors to a $25 gift card which can be redeemed at the Tempe Marketplace. Located a mere 30 steps away from the ASU’s gates in Lemon Street, University Pointe Apartments offer amenities such as swimming pools, sports facilities, cable and Internet connectivity to residents and a building with utilities included.

To view University Pointe Apartments in Tempe and to learn more about their incentives offer, visit their website,, or arrange for a tour or reservation through their hotline (480) 966 9000.


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