RE/MAX Regency Sees Real Estate Agents Returning to the Industry

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( — August 5, 2013) Warrenton, VA — RE/MAX Regency, one of the highest producing Real Estate offices in Warrenton, continues to see real estate agents returning to the industry. This is yet another indication that the housing market is improving. “We’re seeing a rise in agents who left the industry during the recession returning with a new vigor,” says Chuck Cornwell. “We are welcoming these agents with open arms and are thrilled to see their excitement for real estate once again.”

Lisa Inman was one of the first agents to return to our office. “I remember getting a phone call from Lisa expressing her desire to get back into real estate. She asked me if this was a good time. I shouted, ‘this is the BEST time!” recalls Chuck. Lisa has been a licensed Real Estate Agent operating in and around Warrenton, VA since 2007. During the height of the recession, she remained on referral status to keep her foot in the door. “I was hesitant to come back at first, but with the market improvements and Chuck’s willingness to come alongside me to grow my business, I took the leap! A lot has changed in the industry in the last few years. Thankfully, I’m surrounded by a helpful team that wants to see me succeed. I feel supported and I’m ready to grow my business.”

Molly Holloway also recently returned to the industry. “Molly returned to real estate, joining our office with a fire and a determination to regain her foothold in real estate in Northern Virginia. She’s digging in and ready to meet the needs of her current and future clients,” remarks Chuck. Molly has been a licensed Real Estate agent in Virginia since 1986. When asked why she came back, she shared, “I was ready! A transaction fell into my lap. Before my business was up and running, Chuck was already partnering with me to ensure the success of the transaction. He invested a lot of his time, which is hard for brokers with their busy schedules. I know without a doubt that this is a good move. I’m ready to meet the needs of my clients.”

“One of the things we focus on here at RE/MAX Regency is ensuring our agents have all the information and education necessary to be successful small business owners in real estate. We offer extensive training that cover everything from Virginia law, the latest technology trends, to the nuances of buying and selling homes in Warrenton, VA and surrounding areas,” advises Chuck. “Success for one agent is success for the whole team.”

RE/MAX Regency is a full service real estate brokerage headquartered in Warrenton, VA with a network of agents that operate in nearly 100 countries around the world. RE/MAX Regency is the home of the Best Tooled, Best Trained agents in the local market! For more information, contact Chuck Cornwell, Broker/Owner:

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