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( — August 5, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — Anagen Hair  specializes in hair loss restoration. They have centers across the country including Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia. They are excited to announce that they will be launching a brand new website for Anagen Hair Restoration, hosted at Since 2005, the Anagen Hair Restoration treatment centers have been helping to revitalize patients suffering from hair loss, and they are ready to take things to the next level! will be an incredible resource for those looking to find solutions to their hair loss issues. The website will help hair loss sufferers learn more about the causes of hair loss, and about how Anagen Hair puts their years of experience and impressive resources to good use for their clients. Visitors to the website will also be able to learn what they should expect when they enter Anagen Hair Restoration’s treatment center, including information about the consultation process, and the various types of treatment options available, both surgical and non-surgical, including follicular unit extraction in Maryland. Visitors will also be able to read glowing reviews from previous patients of the treatment center, along with before and after photos!

The individuals at Anagen Hair are leaders in the field of follicular hair restoration in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. and they are ready to help those in need of his services. Time and time again, Al-Tariq, the creator of Anagen Hair, has witnessed unethical practices, illegal sales tactics, and false advertising that others in this field were pushing on the public. When he decided that he had seen enough of that shoddy behavior, he founded Anagen Hair Restoration. The treatment center employs only reputable physicians who work with their patients in order to discover the best procedures for them.

Al-Tariq Harris states, “We strive to provide only the best results possible for patients and physicians alike. We will never recommend a patient for a procedure that is not suited to him or her. Likewise, we will continue to provide the most qualified and well trained staff to assist everyone involved.” To learn more about how Anagen Hair Restoration is helping to improve the field of hair loss restoration in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. visit today.


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