Romans 13 – Should the Church Obey God or the Government?

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( — August 6, 2013) Naperville, IL — Romans 13 has long been a controversial topic both within the church and outside the church. Should the church obey God or obey the government? The controversy is settled and the question is answered in Higher Powers – Discover Their True Identity by Greg Backes.

Is it possible that a corrupt or evil government would use the commonly accepted interpretation of Romans 13 against the Christian believer? Could a government leader say he must be obeyed because he has received his authority from God?

It has happened before! It could happen again! What a travesty for God’s people if that were to take place today.

Bernhard Rust (Minister of Science, Education and National Culture in Nazi Germany), in a speech to a mass meeting of German Christians on June 29, 1933 said, “If anyone can lay claim to God’s help, then it is Hitler,…” It has been stated that Hitler’s favorite Bible verse was Romans 13:1. Read the sample chapter “The Kingdoms of this World” here.

In Higher Powers – Discover Their True Identity you will:

  • Learn the true identity of the higher powers.
  • Know the gifts that God has given unto men.
  • Discover who really runs the kingdoms of this world.
  • Know the spiritual abilities mentioned in Romans chapter 12.
  • Understand what to pray for regarding government leadership.
  • Appreciate the difference between the Old Testament kings of Israel and today’s government leaders.
  • Understand when to obey God and when to obey the government.
  • Read the note written to today’s higher powers.

Author, Greg Backes, says “It is vitally important that the Christian church understand the identity of the higher powers of Romans 13. The German people were fooled in the 1930’s resulting in millions of deaths. We must never allow a travesty such as that to occur again.”

Higher Powers is offered by Hope of Glory Bible Ministry and is available in the Kindle bookstore and the iTunes bookstore. The book is also available in soft cover.

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