Professional Tree Services in Albuquerque Slammed After Storm Hits

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( — August 5, 2013) — While Albuquerque residents are still reeling from a recent storm a local tree removal and tree trimming service provider finds itself literally “up a tree” trying to keep up with demand.

Another wicked storm ravished Albuquerque recently, leaving a wake of destruction in its path. While the material damage was substantial fortunately, there were few human casualties caused by the high winds and sporadic downpours of rain.

While nobody is happy about the damage caused by the storm one type of business stands to gain from Mother Nature’s latest tantrum.  Every time one of these storms rips through Albuquerque, arborists – or those professionals specializing in tree trimming and tree removal – find their phones ringing off the hook.

The majority of the damage was caused by the high winds which reached up to 125 mph and took its toll on rooftops, electricity wires and especially the local tree population.  While most citizens would agree that trees are a valuable part of the Albuquerque landscape and would prefer to save them whenever possible, there are some cases where the trees cause a hazard and must be removed.

The most obvious cases are ones in which trees have become uprooted and are lodged against homes, hydro wires or other structures. Having no remaining connection to the earth, these trees face an imminent demise and should be removed as quickly as possible.  The removal of trees in such circumstances is an easy decision to make.

“We will always try to save a tree by trimming it or relocating it whenever possible,” says a spokesperson for Pro Tree Service Albuquerque. “However there are some situations where this is simply not an option.”

There is some confusion among the average citizens when it comes to what exactly arborists do but according to the same representative, what Pro Tree Service does is pretty simple, “We assess every situation on a case-by-case basis before deciding along with the homeowner the best course of action. We will then trim the tree to clear it of any danger or we will remove it in the safest and most cost-effective manner possible.”

Citizens that are finding themselves having to deal with a tree problem as a result of the latest storm or those that simply need to deal with a Albuquerque tree removal problem in general are urged to call 1 (505) 436-3692 or to visit the Pro Tree Service Albuquerque site.