New Media Contacts Enable “Mobile WebDesign” Company To Higher Success

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( — 6 August 2013) United Kingdom — Panda Web Marketing (PWM) is now acquiring more and varied media contacts. This means larger promotional capabilities for their current and potential customers and a much higher rate of success than previously thought. Tapping into the power of the press release and its benefits, the web design company has learned about online press releases for Search Engine Optimization.

Already building several powerful media contacts in the U.K., PWM has been able to bring more and better online success for customers. Press and news releases as part of an overall SEO campaign mean international as well as local customers are taking note.

“Our primary focus is mobile web design and marketing. Our clients love the mobile friendly responsive websites which we call ‘Combo Site’. These are as beautiful as they are functional and work equally well on PC’s, laptops and mobiles – smartphones and tablets alike,” said Peter Somhegy, Media and Press Desk for PWM.

PWM is known as a mobile web designer and marketing specialist. Their clients love their mobile friendly responsive ‘Combo Websites’ which are beautiful as well on PC and Laptop as on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The rise of mobile searching cannot be disputed. The smartphone is as ubiquitous today as the pager was 20 years ago, and the number of smartphones and searches grows exponentially daily. A mobile optimized website is as vital as a regular site in today’s Internet. Without a mobile site, potential customers are going to skip a company in favour of one that has a mobile site. This means loss of profits and a dwindling customer base.

Almost 50 percent of searches are done via mobile now,” said Somhegy, “PWM recognizes that social marketing and SEO is only a part of the entire whole. Top of page one of Google and other search engines is nice, but the main concept is more customers coming to the website. This is what PWM will give to the client.”

PWM is not limited to the U.K. An international company, PWM is already expanding to East and more countries in Europe. Several clients from Canada and the U.S. have expressed interest in their mobile media and digital marketing solutions.

“We are looking to continue expansion and growth. The power of the online press release is only now becoming a standard for increased SEO ranking and SERP. In time, we will help our clients dominate the first page of major search engines. We have lofty goals, certainly, but only the lofty goals make first page of a search engine,” said Somhegy.

Panda Web Marketing is a U.K. based company specializing in digital marketing, SEO services and branding for businesses. They specialize in mobile solutions and optimized mobile web design services for all companies from less than 50 employees to large corporations with various arms.

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