Pro Replacement Windows Houston Website Get Makeover

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( — August 6, 2013) — Eric Haaranen, the owner of completely overhauled the look and feel of the site over the last two weeks. The immediate effects of the new design are already resulting in a boost in profitability.

Bucking conventional wisdom that Google prefers to rank older sites over new sites for competitive search terms, the 6 week old site sits on the first page of Google for a number of valuable search terms and has been generating sales leads for over two weeks already.

When asked about the anomaly, Haaranen replied, “The idea that Google only rewards older, more established sites with page one rankings is a myth. Google rewards quality content that is promoted properly regardless of the age of a site. Our Houston windows site is just another example of this fact.”

Indeed it seems to be. With Houston being the single most competitive local market for replacement windows in the United States, Haaranen’s young site is doing very well. However, it isn’t all sunshine and lollipops according to the owner of the site ranking on the first page for window replacement Houston. “The site was getting a decent number of visitors but not a lot of people were calling or completing a form on our site. In other words, the site wasn’t converting visitors to sales leads very well and we knew a change had to be made.”

The overhaul of the site included adding a slick image slider to the homepage and a professionally created animated video to the interior pages. The results of these changes are quite staggering. The site is now generating nearly 4 times the number of leads for replacement windows Houston than it was generating on a weekly basis prior to the changes. “I am still fairly new to this market so I’m still figuring things out,” says Haaranen. “However, I realized that in this particular case, visitors expected to see a high quality website to reflect the high-end service they were considering purchasing. When we changed the site to match those expectations, the results followed.”

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