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( — August, 9 2013) Woodland Hills, CA — Global Merchant Innovations LLC is proud to announce that they have partnered with Local Company Solutions to provide Mobile Website Design to their customers. Offering this service will make it possible for small to medium sized businesses to extend their reach in the market. They will immediately gain a competitive edge on the thousands of similar businesses out there, and Global Merchant Innovations LLC wants to be at the forefront of this happening.

Without mobile websites, companies are losing out on big money. It allows them to reach their customers regardless of their geographical location and offer them their services while they are on the go. The amount of time spent online on mobile devices is increasingly rapidly, with people doing research and shopping while they commute to work or are otherwise away from their home, desk or computer. It is, therefore, essential for small businesses to have a mobile website in order to stay on top of the game. Global Merchant Innovations LLC, a Los Angeles Merchant Services provider, has therefore partnered with Local Company Solutions, which focuses specifically on designing mobile websites.

-“45% of all consumers use smartphones for in-store product research and browsing” (According to
Mobile Search Queries have grown 5X in the last two years.” (According to

In doing so, they have added a new service to their already impressive portfolio of work. Small to medium sized businesses are now able to use all the necessary tools and services that they require in order to be successful. Besides mobile website design, they also offer pay per call performance based marketing, as well as credit card processing. Essentially, their goal is to make sure a business can function in the cut-throat world of businesses that are founded and dismantled quicker than most people can keep track of. Unfortunately, the global economic recession is still very much present. This is why it is doubly important for businesses to utilize all possible tools and processes at their disposal in order to have a competitive edge. This is exactly what Global Merchant Innovations LLC can offer, particularly now that they have entered into a partnership with Local Company Solutions. For those interested in the processes that Global Merchant Innovations LLC can provide them, including Credit Card Processing, you can visit their website. They can be contacted online, through post or via telephone and their operators speak various languages in order to assist any new customer. Don’t hesitate because only with good mobile websites will businesses still stand a chance to succeed in today’s world.

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