Credit Xtra, A Personal Loan Money Lender Launches New User-Friendly Website

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( — 8 August, 2013) Dhoby Ghaut, Singapore — What does come to one’s mind when browsing through a website of a an online personal loan company? Information overload. In the midst of an emergency situation, borrowers are no longer concerned about how the personal loan companies market and sell themselves. They are only concerned about the best personal loan interest rates, their loan packages, eligibility and nothing else.

With the high competitiveness within the personal loan industry in Singapore, there are many online loan companies in Singapore that are available. Websites of personal loan companies tend to contain large chunks of information that does not really make sense. Thus, it gets really tough to digest the information of each website and it tends to only stir confusion within the borrowers.

Credit Xtra, one of the licensed moneylenders in Singapore, conducted a secondary research on the important characteristics of a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) website and launched a new website,, that is aesthetic appealing and easy to navigate in order to attract more consumers.

A study by C. Ranganathan and Shobha Ganapathy shows that there are three important characteristics of a B2C website which makes a customer comfortable – the ease of navigation, usage of multimedia and convenience. Firstly, the study showed that difficulties in navigating a B2C website have been cited as a barrier for online services. Secondly, the study stated that websites must be designed in a way that consumers spend lesser time in finding information as customers will turn away to other sites if there are delays in their search. Lastly, multimedia effects will reach customers on multiple cognitive levels and result in higher retention.

Hence, Credit Xtra touches on these three important aspects and incorporated consistent navigation links and buttons to each page of their website, categorized their information neatly and also input multimedia graphics such as image slideshows into their website. With the new website launched, Credit Xtra aims to attract more consumers and emerge as one of the most recognized personal loan moneylender in Singapore.