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( — Aug 9, 2013) Seattle, WA — Choosing and Using Professional Chef Knives, a new video from Culinary Schools Online has just been released. The video is part of a series of training videos from the company website that offers tips and training for aspiring chefs, culinary arts students or anyone else who is interested in learning more about cooking.

This new video is about kitchen knives. It informs about the main features of chef knives and offers tips on what new culinary students should look for when purchasing their knives.

“People who don’t have experience in a working kitchen may not know how special knives are to chefs,” said website manager Linda Bachman, “Each chef has their own set of knives. Those knives are the tools that chefs work with. They take great care of them. They clean them and sharpen them and know where they are at all times.”

The video discusses the makeup of the knife, including the edge, the spine, the fingerguard, the rivets and the tang. It also talks about the different types of knives, such as the carving knife, the bread knife and the all-around chef’s knife.

Bachman asserted that opinions about which knives are the best are fairly subjective and each chef will have his or her own opinion. “Every person is different,” Bachman continued, “And not every knife is built for every person. Each manufacturer produces a slightly different style, and it is up to you to find out which one you like best.”

“The only way you can really decide which knife is the right fit for you is to actually pick it up and try it,” Bachman concluded.

The website assists culinary students with education and career training options. The web site and the video are provided for free for anyone to try.

The video can also be watched on YouTube.

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