How to Find The Best Window Cleaning Company in Phoenix for Your Home or Business

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( — August 8, 2013) Phoenix, AZ — If you are in search of a company to come to your home or business to clean your windows then you may want a little persuasion, or guidance. 

First off, do you need window cleaning for your home or business? 

If you are looking for a window cleaning company in Phoenix to come to your home, then there are a few key questions you should ask.  First and foremost, is this company insured?  You need to ask if they carry liability insurance, but most importantly, do they carry Worker’s Comp Insurance too?  If they do not carry Worker’s Comp Insurance, then you need to skip to the next company on your list.  Any company can send out a few window cleaners to your home.  How do you know these guys won’t fall off your roof or off a ladder and have every right to sue you?  If this company does not have insurance, they unfortunately have every right to sue you for their injuries.  This is the sad world we live in because too many lawyers and too many people have sued over the years.

The next question you want to ask is if their employees speak English, if they are certified and trained with their equipment, and most importantly, do any of their employees have any felonies?  If this company has hired someone who has a felony, do you really wan them in your home?  If they do not have certification for ladders and window cleaning equipment, do you really want them climbing on your roof?  And lastly, if they do not speak English, how can you communicate with them?  Maybe you need to let them know not to leave your gate open because your precious dog will escape.  You cannot even let them know what is important to you to make you a satisfied customer.

If you are looking for a window cleaning company in Phoenix to clean your windows at your commercial building, then there is a good list of question to ask as well.  First and foremost again is do they carry both Liability and Workers Comp Insurance?  Once again, if they do not, then they have every right to sue you for any injury on your property.  Secondly, ask if their employees have certifications for ladder work, lift work, stage work or chair work.  It is extremely important for workers to know the dangers and the safety measures that have been set by OSHA.  If this company does not have certifications, then why risk any damage to your property or injury to someone?

Next, you want to check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against this company.  Check to see is this company has an A or higher rating, then they are a legitimate business and they care about their public image.  This company will do everything in their power to make sure you are a satisfied customer.

Now, do a little research on this Phoenix Window Cleaning Company.  See if they are “The Best Window Cleaning Company in Phoenix, AZ”.  Ask for references, check previous customers, and interview commercial contacts to see how satisfied they have been with their work.  Typically if a business works hard to make their customer’s happy, then they will rave about their service.

Lastly, research the owner of this company.  Look him or her up on Google.  Search their name on LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, and any other social media.  You can usually tell if they are family oriented, or a money-hungry business owner.  A family man or woman will have lots of friends, and their life will be filled with positive remarks.  If you find one or two negative remarks, then this may be a red flag to stay away from this business.

Now let’s look at what kind of Window Cleaning Service you may expect in Phoenix.  Do you want the cheapest price for window cleaning?  Or do you want a reasonable price with great service?  Most people prefer the latter.  You can always find someone to do the cheapest job, “We will beat all competitor’s prices for Window Cleaning, Screen Cleaning, and Pressure Washing!”  It’s ok to be the cheapest, but you want to make sure this company will send well-qualified window washers to your home or business.

What should you expect from a Window Cleaning Company who comes to clean your windows at your Phoenix Home?  How should you place look when they leave?  Well, first of all a window cleaning service should be seamless.  If you have a large custom home that needs window cleaning, then this company should send several “guys” to do the job.  You don’t want one guy to show up with one bucket and clean your windows for 8 hours all-day-long.  Don’t you have better things to do with you time than watch a guy washing your windows all day?   This company should send 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6 “guys” to your house.  Seamless means they were in and out quickly, All furniture was moved back to it’s original position, all frames and sills look clean, all glass is streak-free, and all screens were nicely washed and put back into the windows.  Seamless means that all this happened while you checked a few emails on your computer, or sat down for breakfast or a quick lunch and then suddenly all the work was completed.  You thought to yourself, “Dang, that was fast!” 

What should you expect from a window cleaner who comes to clean your windows at your Phoenix Business?  How should they affect your business flow of traffic?  How should your place look when they leave?  First of all, if you own a restaurant, or other high-traffic business, then the window cleaning should be done early in the morning before customers ever show up.  If the window cleaners come during business hours, they should be extremely cautious not to interfere with foot traffic or automobile traffic.  You don’t want puddles of water left on sidewalks, or on tile floors inside your business.  This is a disaster waiting for someone to slip and fall.  You want a Scottsdale Window Cleaning Company to come in, and get out quickly and effectively.  You should also expect that all windows are free of dust and streaks.  All window frames and mullions should be wiped free of all dust, dirt and cobwebs.  Your windows should look close to new by the time they leave, and they did not interfere with your normal business routine.

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