New College Education Guide for San Francisco Opens Its Doors

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( — Aug 10, 2013) San Francisco, CA — Schools in San Francisco, a new web-based education and career training website, is now open for business.

The website can help prospective students in northern California select the right college or university in the greater Bay Area.

“Our new site is mainly designed for residents of Northern California,” said web site publisher Andrea Woods, “But it can also be used by prospective students from outside the area. They can use our site to research some of the local schools and see if one or more of them might be the kind of school they are looking for.”

One popular element of the site is that it permits users to easily look for universities that might be a good fit for what they want to study. Prospective students can look up universities either by where their campus is or by the category of major offered.

Woods brought up that it is still difficult for many students to get accepted at the schools they want most to get into. “Even though tuition rates are still going up every year, most schools are also increasing their acceptance requirements too, which is making it harder for applicants to get into their top choices,” she said.

According to Woods, students should make sure they apply to several schools, just in case their top choice school doesn’t accept their application.

“Applying to colleges should be taken seriously,” Woods concluded, “Students should make sure they apply to at least two schools that they consider to be their backup plan, in case the university that they really want to get into turns them down.”

The web site does not charge any fees in order to use it.

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