Black Pearl Jewelry Now Rivals White Pearls

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( — August 12, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — Luxurious black Tahitian pearl jewelry vies with the traditional white pearls for popularity. Miriam Reed, owner of Pearl Distributors notes “while the largest percentage of their sales are the classic white pearls, whether Akoya pearls or Freshwater, when it comes to special event gifts a large percentage of customers ask for black Tahitian pearls, especially when they want a gift that’s really outstanding.”
Tahitian pearls are some of the most beautiful and exotic pearls in the world. They are sometimes called black Tahitians because they are some of the few types of pearl that can be naturally dark in color. True black pearls are extremely rare, however. They are more commonly found in shades of silver, grey, green, copper and peacock.
“New Tahitian pearl necklaces are in stock and will be available on the website within a few days” ads Miriam. Tahitian pearls are only harvested between May and November each year, so there is not a constant supply of new pearls. “Each year we eagerly await the harvest to see what treasures of the sea appear” notes Miriam.
Miriam continues, “Many of our custom luxury jewelry orders request large Tahitian pearls with diamonds. Part of the mystique of the Tahitian pearl is the variety of color-changing overtones on some dark pearls. This is so different from the traditional classic pearls that this type of pearl appeals not only to the luxury market but to the young and funky market as well, who will wear the pearls on leather or silk.”
Pearl Distributors offers an outstanding collection of Tahitian pearl necklaces and a wide variety of Tahitian pearl pendants that show off a single pearl and matching Tahitian pearl earrings in both studs and dangles. Custom made baroque Tahitian pearl sets made of Tahitian pearl necklace, bracelet and matching dangle earrings are also available upon request.  More Tahitian pearl jewelry can be found on the website:
About Pearl Distributors: The Pearl Distributor group has expanded from Akoya Pearls to include the finest in superior quality AA+ and AAA Freshwater Pearls, the beguiling Tahitian Pearls with their stunning array of colors and the amazing exquisite South Sea Pearls. Beginning in 2004 they continue to provide the finest pearls available at the best prices that can be found.

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