Senior Citizens and Disabled Can Now Bathe in Style and Convenience with New Walk-In Bathtubs

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( — August 13, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — Bathing can be a chore for senior citizens or those with disabilities. Climbing over the lip of a bathtub may be a near impossibility for those with hip injuries, arthritis, and other disabilities, but Independent Home Products is proud to offer an elegant bathing solution that will allow anyone to relax in the comfort of their own bathtub. Their walk-in bathtub provides even those with disabilities to enjoy a nice bath.


Independent Home Products LLC offers a range of models, all of which provide senior citizens and people with limited mobility easy access to their shower and bathtub. The door built into the side of the bathtub is easily opened to allow access, but the watertight seal of the closed door ensures that no water spills out.


Not only does the bathtub provide comfort and convenience for those with disabilities, but it is easy to use. Rather than having to wait for the water to drain, pulling the plug will drain the water in just 60 seconds. The jet massage and air massage nozzles built into the tub provide de-stressing hydrotherapy that can help to ease the pain of aching muscles and joints.


The tubs are built to be very quiet, and there is none of the loud noise that is common with hot tubs and hydrotherapy tubs. John Ferrughelli, Marketing Director of Independent Home Products LLC, stated, “I just love taking a bath, but an injury to my legs made it impossible for me to use a regular tub. These walk-in tubs were created as a direct response to the problem that I faced – along with so many senior citizens and people with disabilities.”


The tubs are affordable, and they come in a wide range of dimensions. 24-hour installation is offered with all purchases, making it easy for the tubs to be installed quickly and effortlessly.


To find out more about the walk-in bathtubs or to order one online, call (800) 373-4322, visit the website of Independent Home Products at 

Date: August 6, 2013 Contact: John Ferrughelli

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