Independent Home Provides Quality Walk-in Tubs for Customers All Over the Country

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( — August 13, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — Independent Home Products is pleased to announce that all of its walk-in tubs are produced at the company’s plant in Long Island City, New York. The company knows that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find American made goods, especially at a fair price, so it is working hard to provide this service for customers from all over the United States.


Customers can no longer assume that a product is made in America, as there is a good chance that it was produced elsewhere and shipped to the United States. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with foreign-made goods, the craftsmanship is often not up to par with their American counterparts.


This is largely because the goal is to make the products for as cheaply as possible, rather than to provide the consumer with a product that will last. Independent Home Products knows that walk-in tubs are a safety mechanism, in addition to providing comfort, which is one reason why the company strives for quality.


While providing American made goods might seem like a small detail, it is very important to the executives at Independent Home, as not only do they wish to provide every customer with a bathtub that will last, but they also take pride in knowing that they are creating jobs within their local community and all over the country.


When a customer places an order with Independent Home, he or she will experience the ultimate customer service. The customer will not be forwarded to an overseas call center, but will instead speak with someone who actually works for the company and knows what it stands for.


The people at Independent Home also provide top-notch installation on all of their products, so everything that is ordered through the company will be installed the right way.


The tubs that are offered by this company include features like safety bars, seats, easy to use doors, jets and anti-slip floors, all of which make the house a safer place for senior citizens.


For more information on the selection of American made walk-in tubs that are found at Independent Home, visit the company’s website at To ask questions about the products that you find, to ask for a free quote or to place an order, call 800-373-4322 or email at


Date: August 8, 2013

Contact: John Ferrughelli