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( — Aug 14, 2013) Seattle, WA — Online College Class, an online higher education information resource, is now up and running.

The web site helps prospective college students in the USA select a university or other educational option. The site discusses private and public schools, including specialty schools and vocational institutes, but focuses mainly on web-based classes.

“Our site does focus on online degree programs and classes, because that is where much of the recent growth in education has been during the last 10 years,” says site editor Kimberly Kohler. “While much of the growth was started by online schools, traditional colleges have gotten into the game by offering many of their courses online as well.”

The website explores important aspects about both classic campus schools as well as online alternatives.

Kohler suggested that not all degree programs and fields are suited to online study. “Some degree programs work really well for online courses,” Kohler said, “But other programs, especially those that require a certain amount of presentations, group work or physical hands-on participation, they don’t work as well.”

Kohler further stated that not all students like online courses. “Many students really like online classes,” she said, “They like the convenience and practicality of web courses, plus it gives the student an alternative to attending classes every day. But some students just don’t fit in well with these online classes. They like the structure of classroom learning and would rather attend traditional classes.”

“In the end, it is pretty much up to the student to decide which school and which form of classes they pursue,” Kohler concluded, “With everything else being equal, they should choose the one that they believe they will excel at and which one will best prepare them for their lives and career.”

Visiting the web site does not require a fee and visitors do not need to register in order to use it.

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