"Healthcare Acoustic Doors" May Promote Healing

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(Newswire.net — August 10, 2013) Everett, WA — Advances in healthcare acoustic door technology enhances patient privacy and promotes a quiet environment of healing.

Sound pressure levels in hospitals have increased over the years, averaging 57 dB in 1960 and jumping to 72 dB today during daytime hours. This draws uncomfortably close to the safe maximum sound pressure levels one can work in without ear protection by federal law, which creates a concern both for the hospital staff and the patients.

There has been quite a bit of research done on the effects of noise on hospital patients. In particular, results have shown repeatedly that noise negatively impacts sleep, blood pressure, and respiration for patients. These are all important factors in the recovery process.

A study as far back as 1968 revealed that patients recovering from cataract surgery in noisy environments required more post-surgery medications than those in quiet rooms. From that we can posit that the body’s ability to recover from injury or surgery is diminished in such environments, which potentially keeps patients in the hospital longer. Longer visits tie up the hospital room and staff for longer periods, which slows down workflow.

Aurora Doors has met the growing demand of acoustical designs with a series of sliding office and exam room doors. Healthcare acoustic doors can be equipped with acoustical seals and automatic door bottoms for superior noise isolation. Numerous customization options allow the doors to work in a variety of high end offices and healthcare facilities. The sliding design saves space and gives the facility a very modern look, enhancing the overall experience as a place of optimal healing.

Patients enjoy higher quality rest, and the hospital staff benefit from a quieter work environment that feels more structured. It’s an exciting step forward for types of facilities that come uncomfortably close to sound pressure levels that require ear protection (85 dB).


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