More Guns For Sale Through Gun Auctions Sites Than Ever Before

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( – August 14, 2013) Orem, UT, USA – Gun Auction and Marketing Director, Diego Mazzonleni, of the guns for sale website are found through a recent online survey that a growing number of people are choosing to buy guns online. The process has been made more convenient and the security is excellent. is the oldest auction website devoted to firearms sales online. It was originally called Auction Arms and was launched in 1998.

In a recent interview, Marketing Director, Diego Mazzonleni said, “With the increase in legislative talks on gun control, we’ve seen a surge in guns being sold and bought through our gun auction site. This may be due to fear of additional controls and lack of supplies. It may also be just a response to more focus on the topic in the media venues.”

He continues, “ is a great place to buy and sell guns, research gun prices, and stay informed on all the latest firearms trends. is also The Official Auction Website of the NRA. We have a 3 day inspection period for buyers, and the best customer support in the industry.”

The large number of used guns for sale on the website means almost everyone can find a firearm of interest. The categories range from rifles, to air guns, to shotguns and handguns. Other products that can be accessed on the website include ammunition, accessories, gun parts and knives. From time to time there are additional items that are of historical or unusual interest.

Buyers can take advantage of the large number of items in ongoing auctions. Buyers and sellers can track the auction progress live. This can be used as a tool for researching prices and availability of weapons.

Learn more about how to buy guns online by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press, individuals looking for guns for sale and others with additional questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Manny De La Cruz at the location provided below.


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Summary: Guns for sale has been available using gun auctions since 1998. The marketplace is safe and secure with thousands of revolvers, shotguns, rifles and handguns for sale at any time. Sellers are encouraged to participate in gun sales through the website ( ).