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( — Aug 15, 2013) Albany, NY — Albany Divorce Attorney, an online divorce lawyer information website, is now ready to use.

The site helps out visitors in the Albany, New York area choose a good family law attorney.

“Divorce planning is something that most individuals don’t know much about until they actually get involved with it,” stated website manager Jason Carson. “Most people who are in the unfortunate situation of contemplating divorce or separation can really benefit from meeting with a professional and discussing the general process and basic options.”

“A really good attorney will take care of all the details,” Carson continued. “They will fully understand everything regarding the legal process and give you recommendations on how they believe you should proceed.”

Carson explained that a good lawyer will work on not just the legal details, but also help prepare their client for the entire process. “The best kind of attorney will help prepare their client for the emotional trauma of going through this legal process,” Carson said. “These lawyers have seen good divorces and bad divorces and it is in their best interest to try to reach the finish line with all of the parties still talking with one another.”

Carson went on to say that the initial consultation process should be very informational. “During the first consultation, your prospective lawyer should give you the outline of how the legal process works, a breakdown of how much the legal costs will be, the likely outcomes concerning child custody, and a rough estimate of what each party will receive out of the division of marital property,” said Carson.

“When a family is going through a divorce, each of the partners needs to have a trusted, caring lawyer who will be concerned with the needs of all the family members, and both attorneys should strive to reach the best possible conclusion for everyone involved,” Carson concluded, “It doesn’t always work out that way, but that is the goal.”

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