Business Financing for Bad Credit

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(Bohemia, New York, Aug. 16, 2013) — According to an article published this week by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, the total value of small business loans in the fourth quarter of 2012 was 78-percent less than in the second quarter in 2007, but thanks to, businesses across the USA now have a place they can go to secure the loan or line of credit they need to stay afloat.

“We lend when most banks don’t,” said Stefan Rybak, president of “Businesses need loans to stay in business, and we’re able to give businesses the loan or line of credit they need for payroll, equipment, and everything else in between.”

Rybak went on to explain that 70-percent of businesses can’t get loans these days, and provides businesses with a place that they can turn to when traditional banks have failed them.

According to a recent survey released by the National Federation of Independent Business, one reason why the trend of banks turning businesses down for loans is on the rise is the fact that small companies still face weak demand. 16-percent of small-firm owners say “weak sales” is their biggest business problem. The survey also pointed out that banks have been exiting the small business loan market for over a decade.

In addition, the survey revealed that bank consolidation has left fewer local banks to lend to small firms. And small business loans are less profitable because they are more difficult to automate and more expensive to underwrite and service.

“We, however, will get 90-percent of those businesses approved for loans,” Rybak stressed. “There’s no application fee, we work with all types of businesses across the nation, no matter how excellent or how poor their credit history is.”  

One business owner, identified as Linda, who was recently approved for a business loan, said she thought getting the funding in seven days would be impossible, especially after her applications were declined by her local bank and other companies. However, came through for her and her business.