Rosacea Sufferers Find Relief In A Skin Care Product Powered By Snail Secretions

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( — August 19, 2013) Carson City, NV — Caucasians, especially northwestern Europeans and other fair skinned individuals living in sunny climates are more susceptible to developing rosacea characterized by flushing and the appearance of a network of easily dilated facial blood vessels, or chronic redness across the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead, irritated red bumps, thickened skin, and copious and prominent broken blood vessels.

What is Rosacea?

Marie Claude Niel said: “Rosacea is mainly an inflammatory condition of the follicles, with a) abnormal innate immune response and b) increases in both normal degrading epidermal enzymes and production of pro-inflammatory peptides, c) blood vessel disorder, d) skin barrier dysfunction, and e) depletion of antioxidant reserve, f) with no definitive evidence supporting an underlying microbial intervention”.

In addition: “facial hypersensitivity exists, even though the skin barrier may not be altered. Rhinophyma, nose disfiguration remains poorly explained; the blood vessel’s abnormalities induce local production of transforming growth factor β1 (TGF-β1) capable of creating fibrosis and therefore skin thickening”.

Although many and varying triggers of inflammation have been identified in patients with rosacea there is no sound or clear description of what injuries or insults the immune system is responding too with such a strong inflammatory reaction.

A good description of the problem would have already led to a solution.

Customers who have applied the product BIOSKINBALM, based on the secretions of a mollusk that uses it to repair and regenerate its own skin when damaged within 48 hours, and validated by two scientific studies published by the Dermatology Service of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York have experienced complete and long term relief from the characteristic symptoms.

U.S. and European researchers collaborated on those landmark studies showing the molecular basis for this remarkable substance.

They concluded the secretions found in BIOCUTIS products:

  • Possess skin-regenerative properties
  • Contain powerful antioxidants to fight skin damage
  • Provide cellular regeneration
  • Improve the epidermis and the dermis (the cutis, or true skin)

For some customers of Andes Natural Skin Care LLC, the company that brought the secretions to the US to make the BIOCUTIS line of natural skin care products for rosacea, scars, stretch marks, keratosis, acne, and many other troublesome skin conditions, it has meant avoiding to have to pare down rhinophyma nose disfiguration, the bulk of the overgrown skin tissues of the nose, by excision with a sharp knife or by carbon dioxide laser burning.

Dorothea Glover from England said: “After using BIOSKINBALM for two months the rhinophyma (acne rosacea) on my nose is now impossible to see but I can still feel a bit of it. My nose now looks like it did before I got the first rhinophyma in 1999. What is more my brother reports from New Zealand that after only two weeks his nose, which is much worse than mine, has lost much of its redness and this is only after two weeks use. I have been using the product for two months. The acne scars on my forehead have reduced dramatically and can now be concealed with only mineral powder. I no longer need the camouflage cream”.

Marie Claude Niel said “typical results have been an overall reduction of redness and blotchiness, which results in smooth, creamy skin. While the pigmentation problems on the surface of the skin are resolved, deep down the dermis is improved structurally as new collagen is formed. As a result they enjoy a smoothly textured skin”.

We might speculate that the state of the art or science in what concerns rosacea parallels the complexity of trying to explain the positive effects for rosacea sufferers of the secretions that the land snails produce copiously when stressed or damaged.

The immune cells of the innate immune system of snails seem to be way more sophisticated than the human innate immune system that responds to local threats or injuries. Snails have skin that is very similar to human skin and produce the serum we collect from them -without inflicting any damage to the little creatures- to defend their skin from solar radiation, environmental aggressions, accidents… it even uses it to regenerate some of its organs and damaged tissues when bitten by birds.

Thus, instead of trying to take up the challenge of explaining what specifically about the intricacies of the antioxidant soluble proteins, complex glyco-molecules, antimicrobial peptides, enzymes, co-enzymes, powerful antioxidants, and oligo-elements in these natural secretions conquers rosacea and many other human skin disorders, we summarize at our website what scientists have discovered about the features and benefits of the secretions with skin regeneration properties and invite you to give our products a try and contrast the results you get with the results from other brands.

If you are willing to invest a few minutes to learn about a real game changer that can disrupt that never ending cycle of rosacea flare-ups and acne breakouts, and 1 to 2 minutes a day with just one product click here, browse through and be ready to be surprised.