Carol Roberts, MD-Dangerous Trends in the Medical Field

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(—August 19, 2013)  Tampa Bay, FL—Carol Roberts, MD has been practicing medicine for over twenty years and has always been committed to helping people to lead healthier lives through taking control of their own destinies rather than resorting to the drug therapies that have become pervasive in our medical world today.  As a conventional doctor herself, she studied and has seen the effects of conventional medicine upon people’s overall wellbeing.

Simpler methods such as reinforcing diet and exercise are common sense pre-emptive recommendations that she espouses however there is also scientific data that points to genetically altered agricultural crops with the leading culprit being wheat.

Fifty years ago, “gluten intolerance” did not exist because the wheat was not genetically altered, nor was the soil depleted of nutrients  as it is today.  Therefore, we are consuming empty calories in our modern grown wheat such that the minerals and vitamins are lacking along with the gluten problems as well.  Additionally, the genetically altered agricultural products contain chemicals and contaminants that are creating problems in our health.  This is a big problem because there is evidence of a higher incidence of dementia, depression, and joint pain due to our modern day gluten.   

People are becoming more savvy today as a result of figuring out that the drug therapies are not only not helping, but they are also the root cause of many of our problems.  Medical students today are also learning about alternative ways to address some of the problems that were conventionally addressed.  Now with the Institute for Functional Medicine, which is an organization that addresses “the underlying causes of disease, using a systems oriented approach whereby both the patient and the practitioner engage in a therapeutic partnership”, doctors are seeking better methods of healing without succumbing to harmful ways of the past.   The public is now getting fed up with the expensive solutions that are not working, nor are they without their own dangerous side effects.

Doctors like Carol Roberts that can see both sides of the fence and have experienced both, can beneficially recommend alternative medicine as a way of life and help people help themselves to cultivate a better life style that saves them money and allows them to live longer with a higher quality of the years of living ahead.

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