Restaurant and Hotel Owners Turn to Adage for All of Their Commercial Furniture Needs

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( – 22 July, 2013) Welshpool WA  – When it comes to hotels, there are few places where furniture matters as much as it does in the rooms. Yes, the restaurant has to be stylish, the bar has to be appealing and the café needs to be enticing but the first thing people focus on is their room.

If it features old, worn furniture that last looked attractive thirty years ago, people will turn around and leave. Not only that, but they will never return and most will probably post a negative review about the establishment online. And this can result to negative publicity which can result to bad business for hospitality establishments, restaurants, bars, cafes or hotels.

Unfortunately, many hotel owners are too worried about costs to even consider refurnishing their establishment since quality hotel and accommodation furniture can be quite expensive. Adage Furniture however, supplies an extensive range of furniture specifically for hotels that is both highly attractive and competitively priced.

Offering a wide range of styles, hotel owners can create any look they want, including modern, contemporary or retro. The furniture can be used to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere that is also chic and elegant, which will make any customer more than happy and increase the chances of returning patrons.

For example, the Charlestown Room is a room package that is completely manufactured in Australia and features a bed head and standard bedside tables. Along with the attractive bed, chair and lamps, a hotel owner can create a stunning room that is both warm and inviting. Adage ensures colour matching for all pieces when one makes a purchase as well as in the future.

Thus, whether an establishment needs furniture for restaurant or their rooms, Adage Furniture has it all, from commercial furniture restaurant  to entire room packages.

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