Old Heidelberg Bridges the Culinary Gap For Foodies in Florida

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(Newswire.net—August 19, 2013) Fort Lauderdale, FL — Stefan Liebe and his wife Yvonne have established Old Heidelberg as an enclave of Heidelberg itself from their mother homeland.  It has been their passion and dedication to recreate the dishes that are reminiscent of the way that the dishes were meant to be.  The ambiance is perhaps as important as any other facet of the dining experience with the music, decorative dining room, and of course the food. 

Old Heidelberg celebrates all the various holidays around the world in addition to Octoberfest, which is probably one of the biggest times for German restaurants.  Easter, Thanksgiving, and Mother’s and Father’s Day are special dates for their patrons.  

In speaking to Stephan and Yvonne about their approach to keeping their patrons happy, they discuss with us the “family” idea that they view all of their customers and employees which builds the camaraderie d collegial feeling every day.  Having a young  family themselves, the Liebe’s understand the importance of spending time together and sharing those times with the children as they are growing up.  Old Heidelberg encourages families to come and share the festivities and dining.  The tables are set up very conducive for “family style” dining where meals can be shared around the table. 

This German establishment experiences people from South Florida which reaches from Miami, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, Delray, and of course Fort Lauderdale itself, where they are situated.  The German outfits that are worn by the wait staff and proprietors tells much of their heritage roots’ story as authentic German music is always heard and enjoyed by the clientele. 

German cuisine is hearty and can be very diverse, depending on what region of Germany the food is derived.  As a large country, there is a vast range of topography and exposures to the sea, mountains, and farms along with a wide range of climates that affect the crops and types of produce and livestock that is indigenous to its locale.

 Old Heidelberg tries to give its menu exposure to a mix of the different regional cuisines of Germany while maintaining its authenticity.  Come to Old Heidelberg in Fort Lauderdale to experience the red cabbage and other fine dishes that are original.  Contact them at:  900 SW State Road 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315  (954) 463-6747   http://www.germanfoodftlauderdale.com / http://www.heidelbergfl.com

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