Being Bullied Can Bring Amazing Life Opportunities

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 ( — August 20th, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — Being bullied has been stated to effectively ruin the lives of all parties according to a new study. Though it overlooks some major evidence on the subject. Evidence that indicates that bullying can lead to great success for those who were bullied.

The study compiled at Warwick University in the UK and Duke University in the US, states in conclusion that bullying should never be viewed as “a harmless rite of passage”. It is also states that “By their mid-20s, these former “bully-victims” were more likely to be obese, to have left school without qualifications, to have drifted through jobs and less likely to have friends.” Describing children who were bullied as “easily provoked, low in self-esteem, poor at understanding social cues, and unpopular with peers”, these children grew into adults six times more likely to have a “serious illness, smoke regularly or develop a psychiatric disorder”.

Granted at times this is true. There is major evidence against the study published in Psychological Science though. Bill Clinton, Tom Cruise, Emma Watson, Chris Rock, Micheal Phelps, Sir Ranaulph Fiennes. All these people were bullied at school, to the point were some even contemplated suicide. All have become incredibly successful, one a president, one a famous explorer, an Olympic champion and the others widely loved entertainers.

Bullying is unpleasant, fact. It is how it is dealt with that shapes the person and their future though. Given the right treatment to overcome the stress and depression brought on it can create a cue to achieve amazing things in life. This is true for everyone. If stress and depression are left unchecked they can destroy anyone’s life. Yet they can be simple to deal with.

By working with meditation, using guided meditation tracks to learn how to meditate it is possible to get rid of stress and depression. Another great option in terms of how to deal with depression is brain training. Using special musical tracks that work with brainwaves to eliminate the problem.

So while being bullied is unpleasant, it is how it is dealt with that is most important. Help for the victims of bullying is easy to get via where a wide selection of resources can aid in stress relief and getting rid of depression.

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