The New Apple iPhone May Be Gold…Literally

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( — Aug 21, 2013) Pittsburgh, PA — On Monday, the internet was flooded, particularly micro-blog site Twitter, in a sea of “#iPhoneGold” hashtags.  The buzz is pointing towards the much anticipated release of the iPhone 5, apples latest release into the smartphone market, set to debut September 10.

It seems likely that, if the rumors are true, the new phone will not actually be made gold, but have a reflective gold hugh to complement the silver finish.  Speculators have noted that Apple’s iPhone is sold exclusivly by the third largest wireless carrier in China, where the color gold is often understood to be a sign of exceedingly good luck and prosperity.  

A “win” in that marketplace could be huge for the technological giant, whose name has become nearly synonymous with the smartphone, and which could help recently flagging sales.  Google’s Android platform is now the dominant mobile operating platform in the world, edging out Apple a few years back and quickly placing down footholds to keep them entrenched.

Meanwhile, here in the states, 91% of adults now have a cellphone, and over 55% of them are smartphones.   Reclaiming their ground in this market would also be no doubt of an advantage to Apple.  Modern smartphones have changed the way we do nearly everything, from finding a restaurant online to navigating a city.  They’re even being used to help generate businesses connect with their clients through SMS text marketing, and entire industries have sprung up build around mobile website design.  

One thing is certain about Apple’s future: Her die-hard fans will be waiting with baited breath until September 10, and then who knows.