Google Now Decides the Importance of Email with Gmail Tabs

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( — August 22, 2013) Flower Mound, TX — This month, Google introduced a very big change ?that directly affects you if you have a Gmail account and you may not ?be aware of it. In Big Brother fashion, the new feature, called Gmail Tabs, basically decides what email is important and what is not; placing what they think is unimportant into tabs or buckets, such as a Promotions folder.

Sure, it seems innocuous, and may even appear to be productive. Heck, it just may be a better mousetrap. The problem is, Google did not ask users if they would like to opt into this new feature, they just turned it on. In an effort to re-organize your email Inbox, Google has created tabs, one of which is called Promotions.

Again, seems like a good idea right? We looked through our teams Gmail Inboxes to see just what mail was being filtered. A surprising amount of mail that was placed in the Promotions folder was actually email that we had signed up for. Things like email newsletters, opt-in type emails and even one of our team’s Weight Watchers weekly email was placed there. Should we not be able to decide what should go where?

“I did not even know the feature was installed, so I was missing email that I would have expected to be there,” said Lisa Parziale, Co-founder of Portside Marketing, a company that specializes in online marketing and search engine optimization. “Most users will have no idea that it even happened, let alone know how to turn it off.”

Parziale explained how to turn off Gmail tabs. “Click on settings in Gmail, in the upper right hand corner of your Inbox. Then, click on the Inbox tab and simply un-check every box except for Primary. Now, click Save.” Of course, you may decide to keep the folders just to have a new way to organize your email. You can actually use the tabs to your benefit once you realize they are there, by simply dragging an email into a new Gmail tab. Any future email from that same email address will then be delivered into the tab previously associated with it.

And if you do not see tabs in your Gmail account, don’t worry, Google did not make this change to all user accounts yet, but rest assured, it is coming soon, compliments of Google. To stay up to date with the latest technology updates, Portside Marketing offers a monthly newsletter with hot tips, tricks and trends.



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