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(Newswire.net — August 26, 2013) Los Angeles, CA –Contact Lens and Vision Your Woodbridge Optometrists, Use The  Annidis RHA™ To Extend Diagnostic Power for Earlier Diagnosis and Treatment

Imagine peering into the deeper retinal layers of the eye such as the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE), an area associated with the onset of many degenerative diseases. In the past, this was impossible, but today, the Annidis RHA-Multi Spectral Imaging (MSI) instrument makes it a reality.

The RHA, now used at Contact Lens and Vision your Woodbridge Optometrists, allows your New Jersey eye doctors to noninvasively assess various areas of the retina for the early appearance of defects associated with AMD, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. The instrument’s MSI penetrates deep into the retina and extracts information, such as oxygen-based vascular maps that can be correlated to metabolic and physiological changes.

RHA Report™ software enables doctors to analyze images and maps which provide a simple and efficient presentation of retinal health information and an excellent frame of reference for patient counseling.

“I think what optometrists find most exciting is the visualization of the RPE,” says Nick Ribaric, President, Annidis, Ottawa, Canada. “Having the ability to look at the pigmentary changes is groundbreaking. These changes are known to be strongly related to AMD, the largest cause of legal blindness in the world.”

The Annidis RHA was introduced in the U.S. market in late 2011 and its use is steadily growing among eye-care doctors seeking to expand their practices through early detection and treatment of ocular diseases. Adopters of this technology have been expressing their enthusiasm over its capabilities:

“Our patients have been extremely impressed by the ability to see their retinal images layer
by layer as provided by Annidis Multi-Spectral Imaging. I look forward to utilizing our new instrument in the clinic and helping in early detection of AMD.”— Kerry Gelb, OD, New Jersey

“Our job is to create new instruments that will allow doctors to provide better value to their patients,” Ribaric adds. “By providing that value, their practice will retain those patients and grow.”

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