Printing In Winston Salem Gets A Digital Boost

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( — August 27, 2013) Winston-Salem, NC — Allegra, a local leader in print and design, is proud to expand their offering to include a variety of mobile technologies to extend the potency of customer campaigns.

The convergence of mobile technology has changed the way print materials can be used. Rather than simply being a static object with a limited set of information, a brochure or mail piece can now incorporate lead capture, video, one-touch calling, and even slide shows. These interactive capabilities leverage the ever-growing mobile search market rather than simply trying to thrive in spite of it.

The difference between a standard postcard and one that features QR codes, augmented reality, or even NFC technology will only grow more profound as the world shifts to mobile devices for day-to-day tasks. By weaving both mediums into one cohesive advertising force, businesses reach more people, enjoy higher engagement, and come off as cutting edge to their local markets. This approach combines the ease of getting directly in front of people that print media has with the ubiquity of digital media, allowing businesses to stay top of mind and capture leads. Not every prospect converts the first time, so feeding their other marketing efforts and connecting the dots creates the biggest bang for the buck.

Allegra has always been about offering economical print solutions, and the addition of new technology is a bold step forward in an industry that often finds itself at odds with digital advertising. Speed is becoming an important commodity on modern business, and the speed at which a business can share information can make or break a campaign.

“Print has changed and is more exciting than ever,” says Perry Clark, owner of the Winston Salem Allegra. This forward-thinking approach is what has made Allegra a leader in print design, continuing to set the bar as a one-stop solution for advertising.

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Perry Clark, Owner