David Caldwell Invites Newcastle Business Owners To Prosper With BNI Networking

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(Newswire.net — July 29, 2013) Newcastle, AU —

In recent surveys mass branded messages have continued to miss their mark, where more specific and targeted messages with testimonials and reviews have caught the customers’ attention

Word of mouth marketing is increasingly being adopted by many industries which have been traditionally reliant on walk in traffic by way of their shopfront.         

In a recent interview with Brian Savic from IrevealTV, David Caldwell, Your Agency Principal and owner; responded to the question; “How is networking and word of mouth marketing helping you sell properties for your customers?” responded with the following statement” “Word of mouth marketing and BNI is and has been hugely successful for Your Agency because we are able to dedicate more of our resources to the sale of the property for our clients.  We don’t have tie up our funds on expensive office rentals and campaigns for self-promotion and in are able to dedicate a larger amount of resources toward the desired outcome for our client.”

David Caldwell went on further to say; “I am proud to say that an increasing percentage of my residential real estate business is due to recommendations from our past clientele and our current networking in BNI”

David Caldwell Is principal and owner of Your Agency Residential  Real  Estate and President of BNI Chapter Prosper. BNI Prosper is currently looking for the following categories to be filled:

Accountant/ Book Keeper



Business Coach


Travel Agent

Your Agency is a rapidly growing and progressive boutique agency specialising in the marketing and sales of residential property throughout the Newcastle & Lake Macquarie region.

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