Kick Mats by Freddie and Sebbie Getting Excellent Reviews on Amazon

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( — September 4, 2013) Las Vegas, NV 

Innovative and geared to families, Freddie and Sebbie create products to make life easier.

“We grew up doing this; our children have all done it. It was time to do something about it that would be a boon to any parent, young or old,” said Neil, spokesperson for Freddie and Sebbie.

Children who ride in backseats get bored quickly and will begin kicking seats, causing unnecessary damage to the seat. The Kick Mat helps protect the back seat.

“Our products are forward thinking for the individuals who have children but also have plans on trading cars. The Kick Mats keep the back of the seat in good condition when they are ready to trade up,” said Neil of Freddie and Sebbie.

Freddie and Sebbie sell via exclusively. They were also aware of’s review policy.

“When we signed on with to sell our products, we understood that there would be intense scrutiny of our product line. This is why we offer the money back guarantees and stand behind our products. The world is watching the reviews,” said Neil.

The review system allows customers the opportunity for unbiased and real feedback – good and bad. This is why Freddie and Sebbie take their products so seriously.

“We have chosen to let our customers speak for our products,” said Neil.

The Kick Mats are one product that customers have taken a large interest in purchasing and more importantly, providing commentary. One such customer posted a very flattering review.

D. Fowler, an shopper who bought the Kick Mat had this to say about the product, “Leather isn’t easy to clean and cloth can be even worse. Been there, done that. These kick mats are way easy to install. You simply slip the bottom with the 1″ elasticized band over the top of the seat, pull it down, and then snap the clip. A little adjustment and you’re good to go.”

Additionally, this was said, “The set of kick mats I got were very well sewn. If yours aren’t, that spells return. One thing I like about the Freddie & Sebbie products is their no-hassle return guarantee. You really can’t get much better than that.”

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