Can pheromones enhance sexual attraction in adult humans?

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Can pheromones enhance sexual attraction in adult humans? A complex issue.

Picture the scene in the 2007 movie, Ocean’s Thirteen when Matt Damon seduces Ellen Barkin with a pheromone patch that he applies to his neck prior to their private encounter.

Overriding free will and providing a kind of uncontrollable influence in those around that scent which can be taken advantage of by any character using a scent. Is this possible? Or have humans evolved to the point where pheromones, if they do exist in humans, are no longer a viable communications path between people?

A complex issue, according to a review in PubMed ( Facts, fallacies, fears and frustrations with human pheromones, produced by Wysocki and Preti. They continue on saying that among primates in general, pheromones are of variable importance to social communication. Data on humans have generated the greatest controversy regarding the existence of pheromonal communication.

As this review of human pheromones states, “In a broader perspective, pheromones can be classified as primers, signalers, modulators, and releasers. There is good evidence to support the presence of the former three in humans. Examples include affects on the menstrual cycle (primer effects); olfactory recognition of newborn by its mother (signaler); individuals may exude different odors based on mood (suggestive of modulator effects).”

“Synthetic pheromones do influence those around you. Many times, it’s a subtle influence. There are many factors involved and pheromones, or ‘mones’ as they are referred to in the forums, are only one factor in attraction.” says, Joe Cervantes, an experienced synthetic pheromone user.

“I tell all who ask about attraction pheromones that they need to be used in the context of the TOTAL social interactions. They DO NOT work like in the movies.” affirms Joe Cervantes. 

Additional references used: Joe Cervantes’ blog posting at and forums, such as and Some synthetic pheromones for men to try, can be found here: Research on this subject have also found pheromones for women,

In conclusion

The complexity of human social interactions, including body language, verbal queues, and possibly the influence of natural pheromones, make it extremely difficult to produce repeatable scientific results.
As in all other human studies that are not completely understood, there is a need to investigate and examine the data personally to confirm if pheromones are a fallacy or a reality.


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