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( — September 5, 2013) Atlanta, GA Electronic cigarettes first made their way into the US marketing in 2007.  Each year since, the popularity of these devices has grown exponentially.  Along with the popularity, so too has the controversy.

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes as they are also known, are touted by many to be an effective alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.  So much so that many of the big tobacco brands have gotten into the market by producing their own versions of these devices.

Angela Cartwright, the owner of had this to say, “I tried my first electronic cigarette back in 2009.  It wasn’t a great experience, but I knew there was something there.  After going through virtually every brand of electronic cigarette, I did eventually find a brand that worked well for me.  And it’s the brand I’ve really stuck to.”

“This was the motivation behind creating our site.  A simple way for people to see what brands of electronic cigarettes are really worth consider.  Right now, V2 Cigs comes out on top.”

In spite of the rocky road electronic cigarettes have had in gaining general acceptance, as well as obstacles presented by the FDA, e-cigarettes are expected to double in sales by the end of 2013.  The market is projected to reach $1 billion by the end of the year.

When asked what the biggest benefit electronic cigarettes offer smokers, Angela Cartwright said, “That’s a difficult question to answer.  Many of our customers have very different experiences.  For me personally, it was being free to use my e-cigarettes in my house!  At the time, living in the north, it was no fun being a smoker in the winter, let me tell you”.

The future of electronic cigarettes remains to be seen.  With increased access to e-cig starter kits, both online and offline, the FDA may have a significant amount of opposition to their proposed legislation.  In the meantime, consumers seem happy with the tobacco alternative and is one example of the thriving culture of vaping.

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