Kick Mats The Perfect Answer For Keeping Your Seats Clean

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( — September 6, 2013) Las Vegas, NV 

Kick mats are perfect for the family with a full-sized SUV or four-door truck. Designed to protect the back of the front seat, Kick Mats are perfect for small, active legs.

“While we cannot help you with the kicking the back of the seat, at least this way we can help you keep it clean,” said Neil of Freddie and Sebbie Kids Line.

Kick Mats are designed to protect the rear seats of the driver and passenger. The high durable fabric resists scuffmarks and dirt from small feet, protecting your vehicle investment. Kick Mats also feature a hassle free, guaranteed replacement for life. If your Kick Mats tear or
begin to wear, return them for a new one, no questions asked.

“As your vehicle is an investment, protecting it should be a top priority. There is virtually nothing available today that gives you so much with such promises,” Neil added.

Of course, taking the manufacturer’s word for it is one thing. An independent review from an actual user is another.

Susan shops at She said this about the Kick Mats after looking at several types, “This left me with two Kick Mats “Britax Kick Mats” and “Freddie and Sebbie”, they are nearly the same Kick Mat the only difference is one has mesh pockets and the other one doesn’t. The mesh pockets are a real big downfall and it seems that once there ripped the mats are useless. So I went with “Freddie and Sebbie”, plus they also offer you a lifetime guarantee, which none of the others do.”

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