Weekly Recap for September 6, 2013

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( — September 6, 2013) Dallas, TX’s Weekly Recap for September 6, 2013 is now available online at

This week’s articles include:

“Want More Sales? Be LESS Accessible!”

Excerpt: “I can already hear the protests now! After all, aren’t we all taught that in order to make more sales, we’re supposed to be accessible 100% of the time, and be glued to our cell phones like some kind of electronic leash? But… all of these assumptions are DEAD WRONG!”

“Is the Glass Half Empty? or Half Full?”

Excerpt: “We’ve all heard that saying about the proverbial glass of water a million times. It’s a cheesy way of telling optimists apart from pessimists. Pessimists see the glass as half empty, while optimists see the glass as half full. But, is any of this really true?”

“Is Your PERCEPTION Costing You Sales?”

Excerpt: “My two-year old daughter is no stranger to the fun of going in and out of rooms, hiding in closets, and all that fun stuff! But what she is new at is realizing that many doorknobs have locks. This has led to more than one episode of having to find the little emergency key that unlocks the bathroom door….” is the home of Frank Rumbauskas, author of the New York Times best-seller “Never Cold Call Again,” his comprehensive home-study course, “The Never Cold Call Again System,” and several other sales training books, CDs, and DVDs.

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